Michiel's improvisations are rebellious and not conformist. With complete freedom he explores the possibilities within and outside the beaten track. The illogical chronology creates little grip and the music penetrates far into the heart of our cells. His music therefore has a relaxing and meditative effect.

Michiel 'I am an intuitive musician. I didn't study anything in music except 6 years of cello lessons. However, I still can't read a note, although my composer father tried to encourage me with personal lessons, but it didn't stick.

I've played the piano all my life, always improvising. Whenever I saw a piano anywhere, I tried to play it. In my parental home there was a piano and a grand piano that I often played, much to the dismay of my sisters and brothers. People often shouted, "Stop that nonsense."

When I moved to Heiloo in 2000, I met Martine Nijenhuis and Jyoti Verhoeff, both from Bergen. Jyoti is a singer/pianist and she makes beautiful music and videos. She performs regularly. Martine is a violinist who gives many concerts and plays in various compositions.

I built a deep bond of friendship with both of them.

Since the year 2000, I have played with Martine every Monday morning for ten years, with piano and sometimes also cello. We played in the 432 Hz tuning.

In 2006 we made a recording with violin and piano improvisations that will soon be online.

IIn 2003 and 2004 I made 5 CDs in the Crystal Spiral Tuning. A CD is now online: "Another Life".

Information about this Crystal Spiral Tuning can be found here:


Michiel Strategier as a musician

Michiel has always enjoyed working with sound. Although his musical roots lie in classical music, he has chosen an approach as an improvising musician. In this way he expresses the impression of a musical image.

As a piano tuner, Michiel often comes into contact with beautiful instruments. He can't help it then to highlight the specific color of the instrument. A specific piano sound can evoke a certain mood. Michiel has always been interested in Indian music practice where a lot of overtones are used. The tone sequences in this music invite the listener to certain emotional experiences.

Michiel's experience and interests have led to his own way piano playing. He mainly lets the total sound of the instrument resonate in his improvised music pieces. In doing so he has mastered the ability to harmonize inner experience and audible sound. This creates sound landscapes that evoke an emotional resonance.

Michiel also plays the cello. Although he has been more involved with piano playing in recent years, this instrument has always remained dear to him. He alternates between playing piano and cello in various ensembles.


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